Welcome  to  our  "Sunclock"   Picture  Gallery
These small photographs, below, illustrate some of the ways a
"Sunclock"  can be made using materials such as stone, wood,
concrete, brick, mosaic, etc  -  or just paint it on to the ground.
You could decide which materials are best suited, to your site,
and referring to the pages on Making your own Human Sundial
plus its Advantages  -  in comparison with other sundial types.
Because there are so many possibilities (and the Layout Plans
are also customized to each exact location)  -  you can be sure
that the Human Sundial would be absolutely  UNIQUE  to you !
These are popular garden sundials  -  mainly because it is both
theft-proof, plus does not interfere with grass-cutting of lawns.
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   By clicking on any of these small pictures, your Browser
should fetch the full-size photograph (and some further details
about it)  -  but please remember that this may take some time,
depending on the Internet connection speed of your computer.
Bear in mind, that there are MANY MORE photographs 'behind'
these initial 15, shown here  -  which you could see by clicking
on each small image, representing its own particular category.
All of the pictures were originally sent to us by our customers,
showing numerous unique layouts  -  from Australia, to Alaska.
They are in a 'logical sequence', beginning with simply painting
a "Sunclock"  layout on the ground  -  and progressing through
illustrations of various more 'permanent' materials being used.
[ Painting - click for details ] [ World-wide - click for details ] [ Concrete - click for details ]
[ Wood - click for details ] [ Resin Mix - click for details ] [ Brick - click for details ]
[ Roman Numerals - click for details ] [ Metal Studs - click for details ] [ Mosaic - click for details ]
[ A 'Royal' Opening - click for details ] [ Custom-made 'kits' - click for details ] [ Finding North/South - click for details ]
[ Sundials for children - click for details ] [ Temporary Layouts - click for details ] [ Professional Layouts - click for details ]
Simply SELECT ANY PICTURE above, which is of interest  -  and
then CLICK ON IT to see more information about this, plus some
other photographs, which are also associated with that material.
You will then have the opportunity of returning to THIS  page, to
select another category  -  or visit different parts of our web-site
such as Frequently Asked Questions on these Human Sundials.


Many people want to design plus install their own "Sunclocks",
by using materials or methods as shown in our Picture Gallery.
In fact, if you might have any interest in making 'kits' for sale to
customers - then please visit the Profitable Opportunities page,
for some brief details.  If you would like to produce "Sunclock"
parts (in any materials), we suggest you telephone us - and ask
to speak with Douglas Hunt, to discuss what you have in mind.
Each "Sunclock"  layout would become its own advertisement,
which generates an expanding 'chain-reaction' of more orders.
However, if you are not a 'Do-it-Yourself' person - then you may
alternatively prefer to have it made by a professional artist, and
who specializes in creating items suitable for use out-of-doors.
Whether this is for a private garden, public locations, or even a
creative 'design workshop' for Schools - you can visit a unique
online gallery, with access to hundreds of professional artists !
They can make whatever you like, in almost any material - from
ceramic and mosaic, carved stone or wood, to bronze castings.
To visit their web-site,  please click on this panel shown below.
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web-site, then an alternative source of information is available
via "Endat Standard Indexes"  -  just click on this panel, below,
and select from one of their categories such as 'Arts & Crafts'.
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If your location is in a different country, then you can click on
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Another very good 'gardening' web-site, is:  www.shrubs.co.uk
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You could click these links, to see the basic reasons why our "Sunclocks"
are so popular, in comparison with other  SUNDIALS  -  or remind yourself
about the advantages of Human Sundials, (including as a School project).
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