Customized   'Human   Sundial'   Layout   Plans

If an Internet 'search' has taken you directly to THIS page,  then
we would strongly recommend that you should firstly go to the
opening page of our web-site  -  so you can choose any section
of most interest to you (such as Photographs or the Frequently
Asked Questions), before reading about our "Sunclock"  Plans.
If you may prefer to have those Layout Plans totally FREE, then
please telephone us to explain your reasons WHY.  Similarly, if
you are located within the United States or Canada  -  you must
also telephone our 'Distributor' (Paul Ratto) on 438 792 4823, to
request a FREE set of Plans.  For any customers in Europe (but
excluding the UK), or Australasia  -  then you could contact the
relevant 'Distributor', whose details can be found on this page.
For example, you may represent any 'Charity'  -  and so want to
save money, on the installation of a unique "Sunclock"  layout.
However, please note that Paul Ratto (or our other Distributors)
might NOT make you aware of a few 'implications and dangers'
of creating "Sunclocks"  within a 'public' area  -  so you should
discuss those possibilities, when getting in contact with them !
[ FREE layout plans, for 'Charities' ]
Alternatively, visiting our 'Sitemap' page offers further options
such as materials  -  or sources for several ready-made 'kits' if
you prefer those, rather than creating your own unique layout.
To look at photographs, then please go to our  'Picture Gallery',
and here are just three of the many images displayed within it :
[ In Alaska - click for more information ]        [ On 'decking' - click for more information ]        [ Platform - click for more information ]

These are only small copies  -  full-size photographs (together with further
details for all of them), are shown in our web-site 'Picture Gallery' section.
You may click on each of the pictures, above, to obtain more information.

You may also click on this link to see a  VIDEO  of the complete
process of making a "Sunclock", (by our European distributor).
Customized sets of Layout Plans (uniquely produced for YOUR
location), can be obtained from any of our 'Distributors'  -  who
cover North America, Europe, plus Australia and New Zealand.
You can even create your own income, with 'Human Sundials' !


[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   Like all other sundials, every unique "Sunclock"  must be
'tailor-made' to its own Latitude & Longitude  -  since otherwise
it would not be able to tell correct clock time, for your location.
However, the complex calculations involved are not something
most people would really like to work-out for themselves  -  and
so our business eliminates that worry, by providing you with all
the accurate measurements (and detailed instructions) needed.
The cost for our set of customized Layout Plans is kept low, as
most of our customers are Schools  -  and you could decide on
what materials you might want to use, to make the "Sunclock".
We can even suggest ways to make your layout 'self-funding' !
For schools without a suitable area of ground, they can always
make small 'working-models' instead.  They are very easy and
cheap, to create  -  by using a paper print-out, glued on to card.
An ordinary pencil (held vertically) is used, to cast the shadow.
Also note that the price of your customized Plans includes free
and unlimited help  -  so you can contact us at any time (we are
open 24 hours each day), if you have questions or need advice.
There is no additional charge, for such help  -  simply quote the
'Reference Number', which was allocated to your Layout Plans.
However, due to the highly 'customized' nature of these Layout
Plans (uniquely created for each customer's location)  -  please
note we have a strict policy of "firm sales", with NO REFUNDS.
If preferred, then you are very welcome to request a 'SAMPLE'
of our "Sunclock"  Plans  -  before ultimately choosing to place
an order, for your own 'personalised set' of layout instructions.
After obtaining our customized Layout Plans, should any page
be 'lost' by a customer  -  then note that its entire set will need
to be re-purchased again, as we do not supply a replacement !
However, such Plans would come from an alternative supplier
as it is not our policy to provide the same set more than once.

To help you in setting-out a "Sunclock"  feature,  by using your
own choice of material(s)   -   our business provides you with a
'customized' set of Plans & Instructions,  which are UNIQUELY
calculated for your exact geographical Latitude and Longitude.
( Don't worry, we only need to know the Address of location ) !
These 'personalised' Plans cost 25 Pounds, (for the UK)  -  and
please note that we also offer several 'discounts' (see below).
However, if you are obtaining the Layout Plans through one of
our Distributors  -  keep in mind that their prices will be higher
than those charged by us, (due to an additional profit-margin).
Note that if you contact one of our Distributors, but they have
not responded (within a MAXIMUM of 3 DAYS)  -  please let us
know about it
, since it is likely that you would be entitled to a
FREE set of Plans, as well as some 'monetary compensation'.
  If you have friends or relatives in the UK, they could buy
Plans for you  -  to avoid the higher costs, via any Distributor !
[ Purchase your Plans via friends or relatives, in the UK ]
Because of the world-wide popularity of "Sunclocks", with our
ever-expanding volume of orders  -  we can guarantee that the
UK prices will always stay the same and NEVER be increased,
which is another reason to obtain Plans direct from ourselves.
You could also share in this success, via our 'Free Franchise'.
[ Printer ]     Although we can supply 'printed' Plans, most
people prefer them to be sent by E-mail  -  as it is quicker, and
avoids any possibility of loss or damage in the postal system.
We offer a discount, for requesting the Plans in E-mail format.
The details of our available formats for your Plans, plus some
discounts which you are able to claim  -  are indicated, below.
A 'mix' of discount options can reduce the cost by up to 20%.
In addition to the customized set of Layout Plans themselves,
the price you pay also includes UNLIMITED HELP  -  either by
Telephone (at any time), or via E-mail.  If you need assistance
or perhaps some advice on materials, then please contact us.

We are open 24 hours, on every day of the year  -  and the sun is
always shining on a "Sunclock",  world  somewhere in the world !
Payment can be by cheque, or be 'wired' directly to our Bank
but we don't currently offer any Credit-Card facilities - simply
because over 80% of our customers are Junior Schools, who
would not normally want to make a payment by Credit-Card !

Note, though, that the payment method of 'wiring' is only available
to "Educational Authorities", buying Layout Plans for any Schools.
If you prefer to pay via a Credit-Card - please see the note, on our
'Frequently Asked Questions'  page, which offers a way to do this.
However, we are happy to accept a 'Credit-Card Cheque' which is
equivalent to any normal cheque payment (from our point of view),
but this will then be charged to your Credit-Card, in the usual way.

[ Latitude and Longitude ]   Please note that we can give  5% DISCOUNT  if you pay by
cheque-with-order, (or 'wire' directly to our Bank)  -  and a  further
,  if you can tell us the EXACT  (not approximate)
Latitude & Longitude  for where the "Sunclock"  is to be located,
since we are able to save some time in creating your set of Plans.
When you order any 'E-mailed' version, you are entitled to claim a
further 5% DISCOUNT - as we can save on printing plus postage,
and so you could reduce the final cost by anything up to 20% !

You can probably get accurate Latitude and Longitude information
from an Internet 'mapping' web-site, such as
or - where you are normally able to enter a
relevant Address (or Zip / Post Code details), for the intended site.
Alternatively - by using a modern mobile telephone, you can obtain
the Latitude & Longitude of locations from
If you are not aware of the basic difference, between geographical
Latitude and Longitude - then the following diagram, shown below,
will hopefully help you to understand that system, of 'co-ordinates'.
'Latitude' is measured North or South ; 'Longitude' is East or West.
[ The Latitude and Longitude co-ordinate system ]

We can offer the Plans in  3  formats - either a conventional paper-
based  Printed  style,  or  E-mailed  (containing exactly the same
information).  E-mail Plans are available in two versions - either as
PDF documents, or as HTML (view in your normal 'Web Browser').
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   Although we use the term 'E-mail', please note that all Plans
are NOT actually sent by that old-fashioned method  -  but instead
would be down-loaded, direct from our web-site.  We contact you
with the necessary details, whenever payment has been received.
It ensures that pages are not 'corrupted', by the E-mailing process.
On modern computers, PDF format gives the best quality print-out,
with our HTML version being 'phased-out' due to very low demand
since the vast majority of customers now request PDF-style Plans.
Note that PDF files are also compatible with all computer systems,
so may be viewed on "Windows", "Apple Mac", "Linux", "Risc", etc.
'PDF' (Portable Document Format) pages require software such as
"Adobe Acrobat Reader"  to view them  -  which is readily available
for FREE down-load, at  (the "Adobe"  web-site).
Alternatively, (but only if you specifically request this) - we can also
provide your "Sunclock"  Plans in the older 'PostScript' file format,
which could be sent direct to printer models containing that facility.
Please note, however, that our 'Printed' Layout Plans are produced
on non-photocopiable paper - which is bright red in colour.  If you
may need several copies (for example, in a School situation) - then
we recommend ordering your Plans in 'E-mail' format, which would
allow you to print more than one set to suit your own requirements.

If you want to look at a SAMPLE, then you can click on this link to
down-load one typical PDF page  (for a location in New Zealand).
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   All of our "Sunclock"  Plans contain much more information,
including accurate measurements and detailed layout instructions.
The full set has a total of six pages, with several helpful diagrams.
Also remember that we offer you free help, or advice - at any time.
If you prefer to see a 'sample set' of all 6 pages, that is certainly
possible - but only if you telephone us, to specifically request this.
We can then make those pages available to you, (in PDF format).
If you decide to buy a set of "Sunclock"  Plans,  please be sure to
tell us the 'format' you want - as well as discounts you are claiming.
You can do this, in advance - using our web-site 'Response Form'.
We could then prepare the set of customized Layout Plans, ready
to be sent to you, on the same day that your payment is received.
Please note that these customized Layout Plans will be held for a
maximum period of six months.  If we do not receive payment
within that time - then these would be DESTROYED, and it is not
our policy to 're-create' such destroyed Plans, at any future date !
Your cheque should be made payable to  "Modern Sunclocks",
and sent to our Address - given on the 'How to Contact Us' page.
Remember that "Western Union" payments are NOT acceptable,
because these cannot be processed via the UK Banking system.
If you prefer to pay using a Credit-Card - please see the note, on
our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, showing ways to do that.

However, if you would like to have the Plans totally FREE - then
please telephone us, so that you may explain your reasons why.
This will allow us to make a larger profit, but with no cost to you,
since we operate as a 'mail-order' business (and obtaining more
income via the non-purchasers, than from people who do buy) !
Note that we would not respond to any 'non-telephone' request,
because the specific details of it need to be discussed with you.
This also applies to any of our 'Distributors'  -  if you might prefer
FREE Layout Plans, then you should contact them by telephone
to discuss your reasons (but the final decision would be theirs) !

As well as creating your own  'Human Sundial', you might also like
to think about making an income from this concept.  Several ways
of doing so are outlined on our  'Profitable Opportunities'  page,
and ALL money you make is entirely yours - so you could think of
it as being equivalent to a "Free Franchise", with no start-up cost.
The easiest method is to become a 'Distributor' for our "Sunclock"
Layout Plans  -  and simply re-sell them to customers at your own
price, by obtaining these from us then forwarding them via E-mail.
(Please bear in mind, however, that every set of our sundial plans
must be uniquely created, for its specific Latitude and Longitude).
If you are interested in any unusual 'money-making' opportunity, in
connection with our unique Human Sundials  -  firstly telephone us
and ask to speak with Douglas Hunt, who will be very glad to help.
Each layout automatically acts as its own advertisement  -  and so
this would then generate a 'chain-reaction' effect, of further orders.
They are certainly the most 'interactive' of all sundials for children,
plus illustrated within School-books (for both Britain and America).
As garden sundials, these would not affect grass-cutting of lawns.
You could click these links to see the reasons why our "Sunclock"
is so popular, when it is compared against other  SUNDIALS  -  or
the advantages of Human Sundials, including as a School project.
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