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Please use this form (below) to send us your contact details,
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some questions and/or comments, on our 'Human Sundials'.
However, keep in mind you cannot send 'attachments' (such
as a photograph) with this form  -  just because those are no
longer necessary, for people on modern "W-mail" systems !
'Sample' pages of the Layout Plans are available, if required.
You may also use this 'Response Form' to confirm that your
customized Layout Plans were successfully "down-loaded",
plus that all of the text and diagrams (6 pages) are printable.
If, however, you might perhaps be contacting us concerning
our 'Free Franchise'  -  please note that we will only respond
to any enquiries regarding this subject, if you telephone us !

We apologise for the length of this Form, but it is necessary for us to
obtain all of the information, in connection with a "Sunclock"  layout.
So that you can refer back to other parts of our web-site, please note
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Firstly, enter your E-mail address into the following box.
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Form  -  but you could always just telephone instead, if you
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modern W-mail) or may prefer to keep an address 'private'.
When you have purchased "Sunclock"  Plans  -  note that
we never give any E-mail addresses to other people, and
so the data entered into this box will only be used by us:
Please double-check that this E-mail address is entered correctly.
If you make any typing mistakes, then we WON'T be able to reply !
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PLEASE NOTE  -  if the above box for your Telephone number
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For those customers not located in the United Kingdom, you
should purchase via one of our Distributors  -  and so please
select one, from this 'drop-down menu':-  
 IMPORTANT NOTE:-  Please be absolutely sure that you
have chosen the correct  Distributor for your location, as we
want to make sure that they should respond to you quickly !
If you are unsure which Distributor to choose, (or there is no
appropriate 'option')  -  then please telephone us, for advice.
Be aware, however, that their price for the customized Plans
would be higher than ours  -  due to their 'profit-margin', plus
convenience of paying in the currency for your own country.
Remember that all prices will also include 'unlimited help', if
you may need advice, on any aspect of "Sunclock"  layouts.
When the Distributor has notified us that they have received
your payment, the customized Plans can be released to you.
You must contact the relevant Distributor, DIRECTLY  -  and
they should normally reply to your enquiry within 24 hours,
(as this Response Form just lets us know of your interest in
a "Sunclock", so we can contact you if there are problems).
If, (after 72 hours), they have still NOT  been in touch  -  then
please contact ourselves direct to let us know about this, as
you can claim COMPENSATION if they 'ignore' any enquiry !
Similarly, any COMPLAINT regarding a Distributor should be
sent to ourselves  -  and if it is substantiated with 'evidence',
would entitle you to a FREE set of "Sunclock"  Layout Plans
(because they will be paid-for by the Distributor themselves,
plus at their own maximum UN-discounted price).  This then
encourages  them to give you good customer-service, since
a 'customer complaint' means that they have LOST money !
In such a situation, any FREE set of Plans is supplied direct
by ourselves  -  when unhappy customers confirm they had
received their 'compensation' payments, via the Distributor.
Any customer in the USA or Canada, could just IGNORE this
'form'  -  and telephone direct to Paul Ratto, on 438 792 4823,
or visit Paul's website to see further details on "Sunclocks".
His website should have a 'Response Form', to contact Paul.
If you have not already decided to order, simply IGNORE this
next section  -  but please enter any Questions or Comments
that you might have on "Sunclocks",  at the end of this form.

If you would like to purchase a set of our "Sunclock"  Layout
Plans  -  either for yourself, (or maybe as an unusual 'gift' for
a friend)  -  then it would be very helpful if you can tell us the
following information now, before we receive your payment.
You should make this payable to "Modern Sunclocks"  -  and
then post it to our address on the  'How to Contact Us'  page.
Click these links, if you did not view our prices, or discounts,
but remember that they will apply to our UK customers only.
Keep in mind that school or public "Sunclocks"  can even be
'self-funding'  -  plus generate publicity, within the local area.
If you may need advice on payment, then just telephone us,
but note that "Western Union" payments are not acceptable
as these cannot be processed, via our UK Banking system !
Please enter the 'Location' Address, for this "Sunclock".

If it has any particular Name (such as a School, or Park) - then please tell
us that too, as we will try to include it within the 'heading' on your Plans,
although we could only use a maximum of about 40 characters / spaces.
However, please note we would NOT supply Plans for any 'vacant' piece
of land - because we do not know the intended use for that site, and also
refer to several implications concerning layouts within any 'public' area !
"Sunclock"  layouts could be made in a wide range of different
materials.  If you have already decided this, then please tell us
your choice - by using the 'drop-down menu', here:  
How do you intend to create your unique "Sunclock"  layout ?
  Make it all yourself            Using a ready-made 'kit' of parts
For any 'kits', please enter details of the Supplier into this box:

( You are welcome to telephone us, if you require information
or advice on materials and sources of component parts  -  but
any ready-made 'kits', are currently only available in Britain ).
If you know (or can find out) an EXACT Latitude and Longitude
for this location, you would automatically be entitled to claim a
DISCOUNT of 10%.  You could enter these co-ordinates, below.
Co-ordinates should be given to at least the nearest 'Minute', if
in Degrees:Mins:Secs  -  or as Degrees, plus 2 decimal places.
Latitude:           Longitude:  
Try using 'mapping' web-sites (like  multimap.com  or  streetmap.co.uk ),
which may let you find this information from an address Zip / Post code.
To avoid confusion, please confirm which 'co-ordinate system'
you have used  -  by selecting one of the buttons, shown here.
  Degrees, with Decimals            Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
If the location is in a large country (like the U.S.A., or Australia),
which has several different "Time Zones"  -  then please tell us
the name of that 'zone', by entering it in this box:  

( For example - enter this as 'Eastern', 'Central', 'Mountain', 'Pacific', etc )
Most countries (such as Britain) use 'Daylight-Saving Time' and
adjust their clocks forward and back, in the Spring and Autumn.
However - some locations (for example Arizona, in the USA, and
Queensland in Australia)  DON'T  use any 'Daylight-Saving Time'
at all.  They simply stay on the  SAME  time throughout the year.
Please confirm if the intended location of your "Sunclock"  uses
'Daylight-Saving Time' -  by selecting the relevant button, below.
  YES, it does               NO, it doesn't               I am not sure
If you intend to purchase a set of "Sunclock"  Plans - then please
select a button, below, indicating which format you would prefer.
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   Though we use the term 'E-mail', all Plans are NOT actually
sent via that, (as we no longer use the very old-fashioned E-mail
systems)  -  but instead will be 'down-loaded', from our web-site,
and we contact you with details as soon as payment is received.
  By E-mail, (say which type, below) - get a further 5% discount.
  In original paper-based 'Printed' style (normal discounts only).
       For the UK, we send by First Class post - overseas via Airmail.
       IMPORTANT NOTE:  Printed Plans are on a non-photocopiable
       (bright red) paper  -  so if you may require to make any copies,
       then we would recommend ordering our 'E-mail' (PDF) format.
If you have chosen the Plans in an 'electronic' format, then please
say which type you would prefer, by selecting one of the first two
buttons below  -  or the third button, to confirm you want 'Printed'.
  As 'PDF', (needs "Adobe Acrobat Reader", or similar software).

        This is currently the most popular E-mail format requested by customers,
        since it will enable them to print-out all pages of the Plans at high quality.
        Suitable software is available, for FREE downloading - see formats page.
  In HTML format, (simply viewed in your normal 'Web Browser').

        It is intended for viewing 'on-screen', instead of being printed.  The HTML
        version is being 'PHASED-OUT', because very few people now ask for it.
  Not by E-mail, (confirming that you prefer the PRINTED format).
        They are sent to your postal address (First Class, in the UK - or Airmailed)
        although remember Plans are printed on 'NON-PHOTOCOPIABLE' paper !
         We recommend our 'PDF' format - to avoid possibility of loss, or damage.

Finally, if you have Questions or Comments, on our unique
"Sunclocks"  -  then please enter these in the following box,
but first refer to the  'Frequently Asked Questions'  page  (if
that section of our web-site has not been visited), since you
might discover that the answer can already be found there !
If you ask questions, we normally try to answer them within
24 hours.  On very rare occasions (caused by Internet faults
outwith our control), it is possible that we might not actually
receive your E-mail  -  so if you have not had any reply after
3 days, something has gone wrong.  If that happens, please
send this Form again, or just contact us by Telephone / Fax.
Please note, however, that if no questions or comments are
entered into this section  -  then you will not be able to send
the Form to us, since there is nothing we could respond to !

Before sending this 'Form' to us, it will also be very helpful
if you could say how you discovered our web-site.  Was it:-
      directly, using a 'Search Engine' (such as "Google") ?
      by clicking on a 'link' to here, from another web-site ?
      an on-line 'information' source, such as "Wikipedia" ?
      some other way  -  an article, referral by friends, etc ?
If you can remember, please enter the details into this box:

IMPORTANT !  To make sure a 'human' is using this form,
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                         tick (check) the small box, displayed here:   
[ Stop ! ]  You are now ready to send us this Form  -  but firstly
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been correctly entered in the box near the top of this page,
plus a contact 'telephone number' has also been given, (so
that we can reply more quickly than by E-mail)  -  and then:

After a few seconds, you should see another page  -  which thanks
you for those details, plus confirms this Form has been sent to us.
However, if you get a page with a  RED BACKGROUND  -  then you
have possibly omitted your E-mail address, or Telephone Number.
That page will remind you what information is needed, in the Form.
Please remember that you must also include any questions and/or
comments, otherwise you will not be able to send this Form to us !
If you may have entered 'wrong' information, by mistake:


Don't forget to see the 'Picture Gallery'  -  for some inspiration !
If you are interested in creating an income, from Human Sundials, please
visit our Profit Opportunities page  -  or contact Douglas Hunt directly, to
discuss any idea which you might be considering on these "Sunclocks".
For example, simply re-sell our sundial plans at your own price  -  or you
can generate larger profits by making and installing component-parts, in
any material.  Every "Sunclock"  layout will act as its own advertisement,
which then creates a chain-reaction effect of more enquiries and orders.
You could click these links to find the basic reasons why our "Sunclock"
has become so popular, when compared with other  SUNDIALS  -  and to
see many advantages of Human Sundials, including as a School project.
They are also featured within School-books, or magazines for Teachers.
These "Sunclocks"  are certainly the most popular sundials for children,
since they use their own shadows, to tell correct time  -  plus also being
unique 'interactive' garden sundials, which will not affect grass-cutting.
Just in case you have not visited any sections within our web-site, then
clicking this link takes you to a Sitemap  -  listing all its individual pages,
and which will also allow you to select the specific areas of your choice.