Due to the vast popularity of our "Sunclocks", plus especially
in the 'Educational Sector' (mainly at Junior Schools)  -  these
are often shown in School-books, or magazines for Teachers,
because of learning outcomes which 'Human Sundials' offer !
Many schools in Britain will use a "Sunclock"  to fulfil various
science requirements, as outlined in the National Curriculum,
and can be used to encourage some 'team building' activities.
As well as being very 'interactive', they are easily painted on
to playgrounds  -  one is illustrated in the photograph, below,
with the added advantage that it could even be 'self-funding'.
It was also featured within the Scholastic  publication, "Child
Education Plus", (page 63 of their October 2008 issue)  -  and
where a "Sunclock"  is shown as one of the best 'resources'
to teach children about the changing seasons, during a year.
[ A typical 'Human Sundial' playground layout ]
Sundials are also included in the Australian school curriculum
(under 'Earth & Space Sciences', for Year 3)  -  plus clicking on
this link will download a 4-page PDF document, giving details.
Alternatively, you could instead go to the website of our main
Australian distributor  -  or telephone, on:  +61 (0) 7 4125 6403.
For the United States, or Canada, you can visit the website of
our North American representative, (telephone 438 792 4823).
You can click this link, to go direct to the page which outlines
specific educational advantages of "Sunclocks",  for schools.
That page also shows the details of their general advantages.
You could even watch a short VIDEO, of the many educational
benefits  -  which has been made by our European distributor,
Slaven Licina, or just telephone: +385 9592 39474 (in Croatia).
Slaven also created a "Windows" PowerPoint presentation (in
English language), which he uses to illustrate the benefits of
"Sunclocks"  for Schools  -  download by clicking on the link,
but please note that it has a 'file-size' of nearly 6 Megabytes !

If a school does not have any suitable ground area, to install a
'full-size' Human Sundial (using a person's own shadow, to tell
the correct clock time)  -  then students can very easily create
small 'working-models' instead, simply made from cardboard !
Since such 'models' are so simple and cheap to produce, each
child could make their own one  -  plus then take this home, to
demonstrate that it indicates correct time throughout the year.
All that you need to do, is to align it North/South  -  then move
its 'gnomon' (for example, a vertical pencil) to the place on its
central 'Date-scale', which corresponds to the relevant month.
This actively illustrates the 'Seasons' changing, during a year,
and the photograph below shows these easy working-models.
[ Using simple 'Sunclock' working-models ]
If you have any question on this project, please telephone us,
or use our 'Response Form'  -  plus we should usually be able
to reply to you within 24 hours, with an answer and/or advice.
Alternatively  -  for the USA/Canada, Europe (excluding UK), or
Australia/New Zealand, please contact one of our Distributors.

As well as obvious curriculum-wide aspects such as Science,
Mathematics, Geography, Art, etc  -  our 'Human Sundials' are
used as a resource in connection with Astronomy and Space.
You could also find a few additional 'ideas', for teaching about
Space-related subjects  -  by clicking the panel, shown below.
[ Link to KS2 ideas, for 'Space' ]
Our "Sunclock"  was even included as an 'interactive' feature
within a Space-Shuttle Memorial (at Racine, Wisconsin, USA).
Especially for any schools in the USA, you could click on this
link to the 'Green Schools Initiative' web-site  -  for numerous
"environmentally friendly" ideas, to improve school grounds,
which recommends painting schoolyard "Sunclock"  layouts.
A similar educational web-site, is "Unpacking School Lunch".
Some further 'teaching resources' can be found, via this link.

If your School is maybe looking for easy-to-make 'traditional'
sundials, but which can also be used for Astronomy at night-
time  -  these two small pictures below show a multi-purpose
sundial plus 'constellation-finder' (by Brian Macfarlane, UK).
[ 'Multi-purpose sundial', in Day-time mode ]    [ 'Multi-purpose sundial', in Night-time mode ]
To view enlarged versions of the photographs, and request
further information on his 'multi-purpose sundial'  -  please
E-mail Brian Macfarlane, or telephone: + (0) 1908 307721.
He gives very detailed "How to make and use" instructions,
covering both the Day-time or Night-time applications of it.
Apparently, this 'multi-purpose sundial' is used by Scouts.


In the USA, "Sunclocks"  are used as an 'Eagle Scout' project
and the photograph below shows one, at a school in Virginia.
Nikolas Long (pictured here), created it  -  during the summer
of 2008.   He obtained his 'Eagle Scout' award, later that year.
This layout was made from mosaic, but it could have been in
many different materials  -  including painting on the ground,
which is a very popular outdoor art project used by schools !
The four small pictures, show different stages of its creation.
[ 'Eagle Scout' project at Alanton Elementary School, in Virginia Beach ]
[ Making the mosaic 'Hour-markers' ]       [ Finding the exact North-South direction ]
[ Preparing to install the 'Date-scale' ]       [ A 'close-up' view, of the mosaic ]
This next photograph shows a similar "Sunclock", created by
Adam Jordan for his 'Eagle Scout' project  -  plus is located at
the "Bradford Intermediate School", (near Denver, Colorado).
It again used a simple mosaic method, but note that the Date-
scale 'months' are small pieces (with varying 'gaps', between
them)  -  instead of a rectangular area, which we recommend.
Full 'rectangles' show clearly where the months start, or end,
giving better accuracy in where a person should be standing.
[ Another 'Eagle Scout' layout - at a school, near Denver ]
In fairness, it is not just the Boy Scouts who make "Sunclocks"
to gain awards  -  and our photographs below show a layout at
"Frelinghuysen Arboretum", (Morristown, New Jersey).  It was
created by Alexandra Levoyer, for her Girl Scout Gold Award !
Installed during 2015, it is made of fast-setting concrete  -  and
using aluminium metal, to create its 'Hour plus Date' markings.
Instructions for use are also shown on a sign, situated nearby.
[ A 'Girl Scout Gold Award' layout, in concrete and metal ]
[ Person using this 'Sunclock', at Morristown, New Jersey ]
The picture, below, is another 'Eagle Scout' project  -  made by
Will Espey at a Family Development Center in Houston, Texas.
If you may like to create a similar layout, please telephone our
'Distributor' for North America (Paul Ratto) on:-  438 792 4823.
However, you should let us know, if Paul does not respond to
you  -  or says there is a problem, in supplying Layout Plans !
Those sets of Plans are sent DIRECT from ourselves, to each
customer  -  after Paul has received your order, and payment.
[ Another 'Eagle Scout' layout - in Houston, Texas ]


Here are just two examples of our 'Human Sundial' illustrated
within School text-books (one in the UK, and one in the USA).
They are certainly the most 'interactive' sundials for children,
plus demonstrate how the seasons change during each year.
This first picture is a page from "Exploring Science (Book 2)"
being one of the 'Q-Science Curriculum' resources published
by "Stanley Thornes Ltd" (1992)  -  its ISBN is: 0-7487-0612-7.
The photograph shows young children standing around their
painted "Sunclock"  layout, at a Junior School in Ide (Devon).
[ Human Sundial, in a British school-book ]
This next picture is a page from a "Mathematics Dictionary",
designed for 'Elementary Schools', within the United States.
Published by "Highlights Corporation" (Boyds Mill Press), in
Pennsylvania (2006)  -  the ISBN reference is: 1-59078-413-8.
Their small photograph shows a 'platform' layout at a school
in Lafayette, Louisiana  -  and you could see enlarged colour
versions in the professional section, of our 'Picture Gallery'.
[ Human Sundial, in an American School-book ]
If any of the text shown in the above illustration is not clear,
you could down-load a slightly larger version of that page in
the "Mathematics Dictionary" -  (at 678 x 902 pixels, in size).
You can even find information on "Sunclocks"  in a Croatian
book, within the world-wide section of our 'Picture Gallery' !
Our customized sundial plans contain all the measurements
plus detailed instructions, to set-out a unique "Sunclock"  at
your specific location.  Schools will often use this project as
the focus for any future 'Re-union', and also as fund-raisers.
By using colourful mosaics, it could give schools a creative
'Art and Craft' lesson  -  or just be painted, on to the ground.
There are many more photographs of "Sunclock"  layouts in
our  PICTURE GALLERY  -  illustrating a variety of materials,
which can be used to create an interactive 'Human Sundial'.
Here are just three of the numerous images, featured there:
[ School project - click for more information ]      [ On grass lawns - click for more information ]      [ Hard landscape - click for more information ]
( These are only small copies  -  larger photographs, with details on all
of them, can be found in that 'Picture Gallery' section of our web-site. )
You could also click each of the pictures, above, for more information.

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You can click this link, to go back to the page which outlines
various educational advantages of "Sunclocks"  for schools.
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Should you have any questions, then please contact us via our
Response Form  -  or click on this link to see why "Sunclocks"
have become so popular, when compared with other sundials.
Remember you could also make money with Human Sundials,
so please contact us if you may be interested in generating an
income, from this very unusual 'opportunity'.  We suggest that
you telephone us, plus ask to speak direct with Douglas Hunt.
Douglas should then be able to discuss several 'possibilities',
and give some advice suited to your personal circumstances.
Our unique sundial designs are located in numerous different
situations  -  from Schoolyards, to private gardens and Parks.
Click this link, to see the various reasons for their popularity.
These are particularly popular within the Educational Sector,
due to many 'curriculum-wide' aspects, of a Human Sundial !
This is the reason they are known as "sundials for learning".
As garden sundials, there are advantages over the 'pedestal'
type  -  mainly since our ground-level "Sunclock"  cannot be
stolen, and will not interfere with the grass-cutting of a lawn.
They could also 'blend-in' with almost any location, because
you can use a wide range of materials to create this feature.
All of our sundial layouts are 'customized', for your location,
so you can be sure that they will indicate correct clock time.
They also automatically cope with any Daylight-saving time.