How  you  can  contact  "Modern  Sunclocks"

If an Internet 'search' has taken you directly to THIS page,  then
we would strongly recommend that you should firstly go to the
opening page of our web-site  -  so you can choose any section
of most interest to you, such as Photographs or the Frequently
Asked Questions  -  or even making money, from "Sunclocks".
Alternatively, the 'Sitemap' page would give you more options.
If you are located within the United States/Canada, Europe (but
excluding the United Kingdom), or Australia/New Zealand  -  we
suggest requesting details of our 'Distributors' in your country,
which could make it much easier to buy the "Sunclock"  Plans.
Before contacting one of our 'Distributors', please also use the
Response Form to notify ourselves of any specific interest in a
"Sunclock"  (for example, at a School or in a Public Park)  -  so
that we shall be able to monitor the level of 'customer-service'
provided to you, by the Distributor you had chosen to contact.
Our 'Response Form' (please see below), should be used for all
normal enquiries.  However, if you might be interested in being
a 'Distributor'  -  please note that you must firstly Telephone us
(to discuss what you may have in mind), as we shall NOT reply
to any 'Agency' enquiries submitted via that 'Response Form' !
This is simply to ensure that the person has a genuine interest
in our 'Free Franchise'  -  (or producing 'kits', for "Sunclocks" ).
Please click this link, if you would like to contact Douglas Hunt
whose sundial designs are used as unique interactive features
on a world-wide basis, (and mainly in the 'Educational Sector').



Apart from just telephoning us, (at any time of day or night) - then
by far the easiest and most popular method, is to send a message
via our web-site.  To activate a pre-formatted 'Response Form', for
contacting us - simply  CLICK  ON  MY  PHOTOGRAPH , (below).
That 'Form' allows you to enter any relevant details, for a potential
"Sunclock"  layout - or just ask questions, on our Human Sundial.
Usually within 24 hours of receiving the information (or questions),
we will then reply - either by W-mail, or even quicker by telephone.
Please note, that we do not use the 'old-fashioned' E-mail system !
A modern message, via W-mail, is still readable as an E-mail,
though you cannot reply directly (there is no E-mail address,
so you simply reply using that 'Response Form' once again).
We will automatically create a new 'W-mail box', for all future
correspondence  -  which will be totally UNIQUE, to yourself.
This is much more reliable and secure, when compared with
E-mail  -  plus avoiding spams, scams, or possible 'viruses'.
You would not even need to use old-fashioned 'attachments'
any more, as photographs show automatically within W-mail
messages  -  or documents will have a 'link', direct to them !
If you might have any question about using modern W-mail,
then please telephone us  -  or otherwise simply click on my
picture (shown here), to go straight to our 'Response Form'.

[ M. S. logo ] [ Douglas Hunt - click, to activate our 'Response Form' ] [ M. S. logo ]
Douglas Hunt, (Proprietor)

You could contact us by  TELEPHONE  -  or send a  FAX ,  on:
01294 552250   (in Britain),      + 44 1294 552250   (outwith UK).
   If you wish to send a FAX, you should first make a short
voice-call to tell us the reason for this  -  and please note that
it must come from a Fax machine, NOT a 'computer' system !
Our business is open 24 hours, and on every day of the year - so no matter
 where you are located, you can contact us at any time of the day or night.
The sun is always shining on a "Sunclock",   world   somewhere in the world !

If you wish,  you can  WRITE  to us,  at the following address:
"Modern  Sunclocks",    1  Love  Street,    Kilwinning,
Ayrshire,   Scotland,   KA13  7LQ,   United  Kingdom.


Although our "Sunclocks"  have significant advantages when
compared with a typical 'pedestal-mounted' sundial  -  both in
general, and as curriculum-wide outdoor educational projects
for Schools  -  you will require a suitable area of level ground.
Details of this, are on our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.
The 'Picture Gallery' section shows numerous photographs of
various different materials plus installation techniques, which
can be used to create a "Sunclock"  -   and also contains links
to suppliers offering a ready-made 'kit' of component parts, or
who install this feature as a 'playground marking' for Schools.
For people who may prefer the much more 'traditional' type of
sundial, then we would recommend that you visit the web-site
of Charlestown Sundials.  They can supply a range of custom-
made dials (in various metals), and at very reasonable prices.
Instead of large sundials, you might be interested in a smaller
(and more 'portable') type, as shown in the photograph below.
If so, we suggest you E-mail to  Leonard Honey  -  who should
be able to offer these, plus several other 'replica' instruments.
[ A brass 'portable' universal ring sundial ]
If you are perhaps looking for an attractive 'Armillary Sphere'
sundial, then we would suggest that you should also visit the
web-site of John Close Sundials  -  specializing in such dials,
as well as several other horizontal plus 'wall-mounted' types.
This photograph below illustrates a typical Armillary sundial,
though they will usually indicate 'solar' (sun) time  -  instead
of correct clock time, and cannot cope with Daylight-Saving,
while a "Sunclock"  automatically caters for clock-changes !
[ A typical brass 'Armillary Sphere' sundial ]
However, if you prefer a really MODERN garden sundial which
is accurate and CAN deal with 'Daylight-Saving'  -  we suggest
contacting Pete Swanstrom (in Idaho), who offers this version
in anodized aluminium as illustrated within the picture below.
[ A modern accurate sundial, in aluminium ]
If you are connected with a sundial-related business, and may
like to have a FREE advertisement (similar to the ones shown
above)  -  please telephone us, to discuss your requirements.
The same applies if you might like to make 'kits', or even offer
a complete 'installation service' for our unique "Sunclocks" !


Please bear in mind, however, that (unfortunately!) normal sundials are
targets for theft or vandalism  -  while a ground-level "Sunclock"  is not,
plus our unique Human Sundials will not need any 'supporting plinths'.
You can click these links to find the basic reasons why our "Sunclock"
has become so popular, when compared with other  SUNDIALS  -  or to
see the advantages of Human Sundials, (including School projects), as
they are now very often used as curriculum-wide sundials for learning.
It is also possible for you to make some money, with our "Sunclocks"  !
Maybe if you have a general interest in sundials (of all types),
then you might like to consider being a 'member' of either the
British Sundial Society - or - North American Sundial Society.
Don't worry if you are in another part of the world, as membership is not
just exclusive to people who are located in Britain or the United States !

[ Useful 'Links' ]    These following 'links' take you to web-sites having
other useful information, but are un-connected with sundials :
If 'organic' gardening topics are of interest to you, (or perhaps
environmental education areas within School grounds)  -  then
please refer to a main UK web-site of  The HDRA organization.
There is a "Sunclock"  at both their 'Ryton' and 'Yalding' sites,
being a very popular garden sundial  -  as they are interactive
and theft-proof, plus do not interfere with lawn grass-cutting !
This photograph below, illustrates the layout at Yalding  -  and
their large grass 'Labyrinth' is also shown, in the background.
[ Yalding Organic Gardens, Kent, UK ]
In addition to our own unique 'Human Sundials', this web-site
(based in the USA) shows links to similar resources  -  mainly
on the general educational theme of "Sunlight and Shadows".
"I Keep Bookmarks"  is another teaching resources web-site,
containing links to more 'sundial-related' subjects of interest.
If you might perhaps like to have an 'event' based around the
theme of "renewable energy", (particularly 'solar')  -  then we
suggest looking at the website of "Resource Living", who are
able to offer various activities, to your specific requirements.
If you are looking for other 'Home & Garden' products, in any
category  -  we suggest browsing the Easy to Recall web-site
which also has interesting articles, and information services.
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If you are interested, clicking on this link will take you to a short 'Profile' of our
Human Sundial business - plus how it had originally developed from a hobby,
or click on this link for a more detailed success story of "Modern Sunclocks".
Please contact Douglas Hunt if you may need business-related advice, as he
is always glad to give free help and guidance - or see the profit opportunities,
to find out how you can make some money from our Human Sundial concept.
There are several ways, to create an income - from just re-selling customized
sundial plans, to making or installing 'component-parts' for a Human Sundial.
The easiest method, is to paint each unique layout on to School playgrounds.
UK companies typically charge around 600 Pounds ($1000), for this service.
Click this link to see details of businesses offering that 'playground marking',
or view pages from School-books (UK & USA) which show our "Sunclocks".
These are certainly extremely popular plus 'interactive' sundials for children !

"Sunclock"  pages are dedicated to the memory of Ian F Downie (1952-'98),
without whose help and encouragement this web-site might not have existed.