No matter which materials are used to make a "Sunclock"  - it is
vital  the layouts be aligned exactly North-South, and East-West.
A 'magnetic compass'  is certainly  NOT  recommended for this,
but within each set of Layout Plans we give a method (unique to
your location) - which will find the  TRUE  North-South direction.
[ Please do NOT use any 'magnetic compass' - to find TRUE North, for a Human Sundial ! ]
You could even make money - selling the details to other people
who want to know any accurate direction, at their own locations,
(and particularly if you are situated within the continent of INDIA
where there is a very large demand for finding this information).
Basically, it involves using any simple 'temporary support', from
which you suspend a 'plumb-bob' (or a weighted string) - so that
the string will be vertical.  To find the North-South direction, you
simply mark the shadow of your string, at a specific time - which
we supply for every day of the year, calculated for your location.
The photograph below illustrates our recommended method, and
this is the only time during the layout when sunshine is needed !
[ Finding TRUE North, for your Human Sundial ]
Here is another picture of our accurate technique being used, to
find the exact North-South direction - before installing a 'Human
Sundial', in the gardens at "Reveley Lodge" (Hertfordshire, UK).
[ Another example, of marking North-South ]
Although you will get better accuracy by making your support as
tall as possible (because the string's shadow can be longer), it is
possible to use a lower support  -  which would make your string
much less likely to be affected by a breeze, or any gusts of wind.
The following photograph shows a simple 'tripod' being used, at
a layout for the "New York Cares Day" in October 2006.  You can
find more pictures of this large 'artwork', in our painting section.
[ Using a simple 'tripod', in New York ]
As shown in that picture, above, it is also very important to make
sure that your surface (or a temporary board) is absolutely FLAT,
by using a 'spirit-level' to check this before marking the shadow.
The next photograph shows how you could use some wedges to
level it, and a heavy weight ensures your string remains vertical.
This illustrates our easy yet highly accurate method, being used
outside the "Canadian Clock Museum"  -  at Deep River, Ontario.
[ Levelling with 'wedges', plus using a heavy weight ]
Here is another picture, which also shows 'wedges' for levelling
your board  -  at the "Petar Preradovic School" (Zagreb, Croatia).
[ Another example of levelling, with 'wedges' ]
When you have found your North-South line, mark this with a taut
string - and another string at right-angles to it, running East-West.
The main measurements for your "Sunclock"  are then taken from
its 'crossing-over' point, of those two strings.  Our sundial designs
have simple instructions, plus all the exact dimensions needed, to
create your own unique 'Human Sundial'.  This next picture shows
our easy method being used in a garden at Tualatin, Oregon, USA.
[ North-South and East-West strings ]
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]    Please note that it should be the person (or organization)
which purchased our Layout Plans, who is also responsible for
finding an accurate North-South direction at their own location.
If (for example) any Builder or Landscaper is involved, with the
installation of "Sunclocks"  -  then they will be fully within their
rights to delay the setting-out of this feature, until such time as
its correct 'alignment' has been established, by their customer.
In the case of painted school playground markings, finding the
North-South direction must be done as an outdoor educational
project  -  BEFORE  a school uses the services of any external
Contractor, to set-out their interactive 'Human Sundial' feature.
Otherwise, there will be delays and a significant cost increase.

You are able to share in the world-wide success of this unique
"Sunclock"  business, with a 'FREE Franchise' which we offer !
There is no cost to be involved (in several possible ways), and
ALL of the profit which you create would be entirely your own.
The simplest way to make money, is re-selling our customized
Sundial Plans  -  plus which can just be E-mailed to customers,
(at whatever price you decide to charge them for these Plans).
You could make and/or install layouts, for even greater profits.
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you telephone us, plus ask to speak direct with Douglas Hunt,
whose sundial plans have been in use world-wide since 1986.
Douglas should then be able to discuss several 'possibilities',
and give some advice suited to your personal circumstances.
Our unique sundial designs are located in numerous different
situations  -  from Schoolyards, to private gardens and Parks,
as well as courtyard sundials at prestigious "Stately Homes".
"Sunclocks"  are very interactive sundials for children  -  plus
all of our sundial layouts are 'customized', for YOUR location,
so you can be sure that it would show the correct clock time.
These are particularly popular within the Educational Sector,
due to many 'curriculum-wide' aspects, of a Human Sundial !
You could click these links to see why "Sunclocks"  are now
often used as school sundials, plus the benefits for teachers
(including 'fund-raising') of these novel sundials for learning.
As garden sundials, there are advantages over the 'pedestal'
type  -  mainly since our ground-level "Sunclock"  cannot be
stolen, plus it does not interfere with grass-cutting of a lawn.
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