Although you can just see the Date-scale in this photograph, it
shows the official 'inauguration ceremony' which took place at
the "Carnfunnock Country Park", near Larne (Northern Ireland,
in July 1990).  We were greatly honoured to have this officially
opened by the Duchess of Kent (a member of the British Royal
Family, who - for many years - presented all winners with their
prizes, at the prestigious "Wimbledon" Tennis Championship).
This layout is located within the 'Time Garden', which contains
several types of sundial  -  and our "Sunclock"  is described in
their brochure as being the most interesting of these sundials,
due to its interactive quality by using a person's own shadow !
You could download the full 10-page brochure (in PDF format),
detailing sundials at that location, by just 'clicking' on this link.
[ 'Royal' Opening for a Human Sundial ]
Several well-known 'Stately Homes' within the United Kingdom
have unique "Sunclocks"  in their grounds (Chatsworth House,
Blenheim Palace, Longleat, Lincoln Castle, etc)  -  and this next
photograph below shows the layout, made of concrete, located
outside the 'walled garden' at Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire.
However, a long queue of visitors would often develop, as they
waited to have 'souvenir photographs' taken on the "Sunclock"
layout  -  so eventually some seating had to be put around it, to
accommodate the people attracted toward this popular feature.
[ Human Sundial at 'Chatsworth House', in UK ]
The following photograph shows a hard-landscaped "Sunclock"
layout situated within a courtyard area at Longleat, in Wiltshire.
A 'Human Sundial' is simply TOO popular, for public areas  -  so
although this had originally been situated quite near to the lake
at Longleat, it was moved into the courtyard to reduce disputes
between the visitors trying to use this layout at the same time !
In the USA, they are popular as a feature for school courtyards,
plus the Space-Shuttle Memorial includes a "Sunclock"  layout.
[ Human Sundial in the courtyard area, at 'Longleat' ]
The picture below, shows another 'Stately Home' layout  -  which
is located at "Bodelwyddan Castle", near Rhyl (North Wales, UK).
This popular visitor attraction was installed using a reconstituted
stone 'kit'  -  marketed by "Fosstone", at a very reasonable price.
[ Human Sundial at 'Bodelwyddan Castle', North Wales ]
Our next photograph illustrates another stone layout, within the
area of 'Port Sunlight' (near Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK)  -  and
shows the famous "Lady Lever Art Gallery", in the background.
[ Human Sundial at 'Port Sunlight', Merseyside, UK ]
Here is this same location after 'planting' with colourful flowers,
which are growing around and between its Hour-marking posts.
[ Another view of it, after planting with flowers ]

If you intend to have a "Sunclock"  within some public location,
then there are several 'implications' which must be considered.
Due to their obvious 'interactive' quality, "Sunclocks"  could be
used to attract people towards an area - and temporary layouts
are regularly created for this purpose at Gardening Shows, etc.
For example, the following picture illustrates one on a 'decking'
area at the prestigious "Malvern Spring Garden Show", in 2005.
(As this Show only lasts 3 days, just one 'stand here' point was
needed - instead of the normal Date-scale, to cover a full year).
[ Human Sundial on decking, at 'Malvern' Garden Show ]
If you are located in the UK and may like a similar layout, then
we recommend contacting Andrew Alexander at 'A.A. Outdoor
Decking', who has been a "Royal Horticultural Society" medal-
winner.  You could telephone Andrew direct on: 01568 616637.
Our unique Human Sundials are starting to become popular as
a useful 'interactive' feature, on normal plain wooden decking,
but could obviously be made using wood in a variety of ways.
Instead of simply painting markings, you can purchase a kit of
thin metal parts  -  see "Sixpenny Forge", in our metal section.
A "Sunclock"  is also ideal in the grounds of museums - or any
similar locations.   This next photograph shows one situated in
their 'arboretum' at the Jodrell Bank Science Centre, Cheshire.
Our custom-made 'kits' section, shows pictures of a nice stone
layout sited in the grounds at Bushey Museum (Hertfordshire).
[ Human Sundial at 'Jodrell Bank', in UK ]
It is not just museums in Britain which use a "Sunclock"  as an
'interactive' (plus vandal-proof) outdoor attraction, for visitors.
For example, the pictures below show a layout in the grounds
of the  "Canadian Clock Museum"  -  at Deep River, in Ontario.
The first photograph is this layout nearly completed, while the
lower picture gives an 'aerial' view of the finished installation.
You can see international locations in our world-wide section.
[ Human Sundial nearing completion, at the 'Canadian Clock Museum' ]
[ An 'aerial' view, of the finished feature ]
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Remember you could also make money with Human Sundials,
so please contact us if you may be interested in generating an
income, from this very unusual 'opportunity'.  We suggest that
you telephone us, plus ask to speak direct with Douglas Hunt,
whose sundial plans have been in use world-wide since 1986.
Douglas should then be able to discuss several 'possibilities',
and give some advice suited to your personal circumstances.
Our unique sundial designs are located in numerous different
situations  -  from Schoolyards, to private gardens and Parks,
as well as courtyard sundials at prestigious "Stately Homes".
"Sunclocks"  are very interactive sundials for children  -  plus
all of our sundial layouts are 'customized', for YOUR location,
so you can be sure that it would show the correct clock time.
These are particularly popular within the Educational Sector,
due to many 'curriculum-wide' aspects, of a Human Sundial !
You could click these links to see why "Sunclocks"  are now
often used as school sundials, plus the benefits for teachers
(including 'fund-raising') of these novel sundials for learning.
As garden sundials, there are advantages over the 'pedestal'
type  -  mainly since our ground-level "Sunclock"  cannot be
stolen, plus it does not interfere with grass-cutting of a lawn.
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