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The sun is shining on a "Sunclock",  right now,   world   somewhere in the world !
You can click these links to remind yourself of the basic reasons why "Sunclocks"
have become so popular, if they are compared with other  SUNDIALS  -  or several
advantages of Human Sundials, (which includes 'curriculum-wide' School projects).
For example, these are perfect garden sundials  -  since they cannot be stolen, and
(if created as a feature on lawn areas), then it would not interfere with grass-cutting.
Bear in mind that you could also make money, by means of our "FREE Franchise".
You can do this in various ways.  For example, re-sell our customized sundial plans
(at your own price)  -  plus make and/or install 'component-parts', for a larger profit.
Every unique "Sunclock"  layout will automatically become its own advertisement,
which generates an expanding 'chain-reaction' effect of more enquiries and orders.
Schools are always very interested, in having an interactive Human Sundial layout !
As they use their own shadow to tell time, these are popular sundials for children,
who can make 'working-models' if Schools do not have a suitable playground area.