Calculations   for   'Human   Sundial'   Layouts

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of most interest to you (such as Photographs or the Frequently
Asked Questions), before reading about our "Sunclock"  Plans.
You can even create your own income, with 'Human Sundials' !

If you really prefer to do all your own calculations, and you are
also confident using 'trigonometry'  -  then two main equations
which you will need to use for this, would be as shown below:
[ angles ]         together  with         [ months ]
However, you would still require to set-out the correct elliptical
shape and size for your own specific layout (which depends on
geographic latitude, in the world)  -  in addition to also finding a
very accurate North/South direction, at your intended location.
If you want any Human Sundial to indicate correct 'clock' time,
it will be necessary to include other factors in the calculations
to allow for geographic longitude, plus 'Daylight-Saving' Time.
Please click this link, if you would like to see a diagram which
helps with explaining the concept of 'Latitude and Longitude'.
When you consider all of the calculations (as outlined above),
then it should obviously be very much easier to simply obtain
a set of our customized Layout Plans  -  which would give you
accurate measurements and detailed setting-out instructions,
plus are uniquely created for the location of your "Sunclock".
However if you still prefer to do all your own calculations, but
may like to have the figures 'independently checked' for their
accuracy  -  then telephone Annette Forsyth on 01465 861626,
(in the village of Barr, South Ayrshire, UK) who would do this.
There might be a small 'cost', though, for using her services !

If you want to look at a SAMPLE, then you can click on this link to
down-load one typical PDF page  (for a location in New Zealand).
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   All of our "Sunclock"  Plans contain much more information,
including accurate measurements and detailed layout instructions.
The full set has a total of six pages, with several helpful diagrams.
Also remember that we offer you free help, or advice - at any time.
If you prefer to see a 'sample set' of all 6 pages, that is certainly
possible - but only if you telephone us, to specifically request this.
We can then make those pages available to you, (in PDF format).
For any customers within the United States/Canada, Europe (but
excluding the United Kingdom), or Australia/New Zealand - then
we suggest requesting details of our 'Distributors' in your country,
which would make it much easier to buy these "Sunclock"  Plans.
To see photographs of layouts, please go to our  'Picture Gallery',
and here are just three of the numerous images displayed within it.
[ In Alaska - click for more information ]       [ On 'decking' - click for more information ]       [ Platform - click for more information ]
These are only small copies  -  their full-size photographs (together with further
details for each of them), are contained in the 'Picture Gallery' on our web-site.
You may also click on each of the pictures, above, to obtain more information.
As well as creating your own  'Human Sundial', you might also like
to think about making an income from this concept.  Several ways
of doing so are outlined on our  'Profitable Opportunities'  page,
and ALL money you make is entirely yours - so you could think of
it as being equivalent to a "Free Franchise", with no start-up cost !
The easiest method is to become a 'Distributor', for our "Sunclock"
Layout Plans  -  and simply re-sell them to customers, at your own
price, by obtaining these from us then forwarding them via E-mail.
(Please bear in mind, however, that every set of our sundial plans
must be uniquely created, for its specific Latitude and Longitude).
If you are interested in any unusual 'money-making' opportunity, in
connection with our unique Human Sundials  -  firstly telephone us
and ask to speak with Douglas Hunt, who will be very glad to help.
Each layout automatically acts as its own advertisement  -  and so
this would then generate a 'chain-reaction' effect, of further orders.
They are certainly the most 'interactive' of all sundials for children,
plus illustrated within School-books (for both Britain and America).
As garden sundials, these would not affect grass-cutting of lawns.
You could click these links to see the reasons why our "Sunclock"
is so popular, when it is compared against other  SUNDIALS  -  or
the advantages of Human Sundials, including as a School project.
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