SUNDIALS  come  in  a  wide  range  of  different  types,  though
by  far  one  of  the  most  popular  and  'interactive'  sundials  is
this  "SUNCLOCK",  or  HUMAN  SUNDIAL  -   which  uses  a
PERSON'S  OWN  SHADOW,  to  show  the  correct  clock  time !
[ Illustration of a HUMAN SUNDIAL - or using the 'old-fashioned' name, Analemmatic sundials ]
'Human Sundials' possess several advantages, when compared
with pedestal-mounted dials - and they are often used in school
grounds, private gardens, parks or any similar public areas, etc,
mainly because these cannot be stolen or damaged by vandals.
These are often used as a schoolyard sundial (mainly within the
USA), plus as 'visitor attractions' for "Stately Homes", in Britain.
One was even created as part of the "Space Shuttle Memorial" !
They are certainly one of the most fascinating sundials for kids,
plus very popular educational sundials - being curriculum-wide
and also easy to create, by using our customized Layout Plans.
Small 'working-models' may alternatively be made by children,
as projects, if a school does not have any suitable ground area.
For further details of this Human Sundial concept, plus its many
advantages, please see some 'main links' below - or click any of
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If you might want to have a Human Sundial feature of your own,
our business can supply a 'customized' set of Layout Plans with
measurements, and detailed instructions - UNIQUELY produced
for your address, saying how to create an accurate "Sunclock".
You can also contact one of our international Distributors - who
represent Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and the USA/Canada.
All of the materials (or colours) used, will be totally your choice
so that Human Sundial layouts can 'blend-in' with their location.
For example - made from wood, brick, metal, or even just paint.
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and the sun is always shining on a "Sunclock"   world   somewhere in the world !


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To see the reasons why these SUNDIALS are so popular, this link takes you to
a page which outlines their basic advantages, in comparison with other types.
They can help teachers with fund-raising, plus being sundials for learning - so
Schools often use Human Sundials for a curriculum-wide educational project,
and this link will take you to a page showing the 'teaching elements' involved.
Our "Sunclocks"  are extremely interactive sundials for children, as these use
THEIR OWN SHADOWS to indicate the correct clock time - plus are illustrated
in School-books (both Britain and America), due to their immense popularity !
It is regularly used as an Eagle Scout community project in the United States,
and can be 'self-funding' if required - plus creating publicity, for its local area,
but are sometimes known by the 'old-fashioned' name analemmatic sundials.
Our version has distinct advantages, compared with an analemmatic sundial,
such as automatically dealing with clock-changes for 'Daylight-Saving' time !
Architects plus Landscapers often include our sundial designs in their plans,
since every "Sunclock"  acts as a uniquely 'interactive' and functional feature
which could generate further orders, for the people who install these layouts.
If you have a sunny, level, lawn area - then they are ideal as garden sundials,
since "Sunclocks"  cannot be stolen and will not interfere with grass-cutting,
plus are becoming very popular as school sundials in 'environmental' areas.
Remember YOU can make money based around our Human Sundial concept
and ALL the profits will be entirely your own, with a 'Free Franchise' we offer.
For example, just re-sell the customized sundial plans (with no physical work
involved) - or perhaps supply 'kits' of parts, if you want a larger profit-margin.
Each "Sunclock"  layout would automatically become its own advertisement,
for you - and this creates an expanding 'chain-reaction', of more customers !
If you (or maybe another person you know), might have some interest in this
'opportunity', please Telephone us - to discuss it further, with Douglas Hunt.
Douglas can then give advice (based on your own personal circumstances),
suggesting how you could become involved, with our "Sunclock"  business.
This business is so profitable, that our prices are guaranteed fixed for ever !
There are very few other businesses, who can give you such an assurance
that their prices will NEVER rise - but would always stay permanently fixed,
no matter what might happen to any future 'inflation' and/or currency-rates.
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